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At Valin'up, we believe in the power of data to develop the startup ecosystem. We are the investment advice of tomorrow's start-ups.

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Our Product

Our model is focused on the exploitation of a large startup database. It is applicable to all areas and all levels of maturity: from the seed to its growth stage. Our methodology based on computable and measurable data. We focus on three main pillars: collect, evaluate, analyze

Evaluate your startup

Valin'up collects historical data and builds a machine learning model to offer a complete vision and allow a startup to be assessed fairly and without bias. We give an overview of your startup, how it's going to perform and we determine the investment security. We give a detailed study with advises thanks to our algorithm

Get an overview of the market evolution

Our own algorithm model extracts the data and gives clear feedbacks about the market trends, the sector trends, how the market is evolving, how the sector grows up. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we give an analysis how to manage your investments, your money, to boost them and advises about how to invest in startups areas. A newsletter is sent with the market trends, the sector trends.

Keep a constant watch on new startups

Our algorithm analysis brings together different features through artificial intelligence to assess the real commercial impact of each innovation and prioritize them accordingly. This monitoring tool helps to go faster in finding news technological gems in order to boost your portfolio.

Our values


We are continuously improving our machine learning model to provide clients and investors with good performance and boost investments


We firmly believe in our project. We make it possible to ensure a good investment in the startups of tomorrow and to boost the portfolio of investors.


At Valin'up, everyone has a key role in reliability. It is a value which all team members must focus on, in order to deliver on quality, on time, on cost the best feedbacks.

Our Team

Three passionate engineers bringing their expertise in the fields of IT, investment, business for the startup ecosystem

Lise Vansteenkiste



Flavien Gelineau



Arnaud Sanchez



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